Children are unique and so are their learning journeys. Learning journeys at 3 Little Kids Early Learning centre, are age-appropriate and, flexible. Educational programs are customised to suit each child's knowledge, strengths, culture, abilities and interests.

Ages 4-6

When the environment is fun and inviting, play shapes the structural design of the brain releasing 'happy' hormones. Research shows that children engaged in quality play-based experiences are more likely to have well-developed memory skills, language development and can regulate their behaviour, supporting the transition to school and academic learning later on in life.

As 4 year olds start coming into their own, it’s important they have time and space to explore their independence in a safe and supportive environment. In our 4-6 year old care programme we help develop autonomy and an openness to learning. We encourage respectfulness and nurture social development skills. Our structured yet flexible programme provides lots of opportunities for individual and group learning in language, music, communications and problem solving skills. And because these children also have so much energy to burn, our exciting outdoor play areas offer plenty of room for active play. Your child will also have their own personal learning journal so you can see what they’ve been up to.

3 Little Kids Early Learning provides quality play-based learning experiences that allow children to explore, identify, come up with their own theories and ideas, negotiate and take risks. These important skills allow children to enter the wider-world with confidence, curiosity and a life long desire to learn.

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Early Learning Jounreys

after school care

3 Little Kids provides before and after school care at our child care centre. We also provide vacation care for children who attend primary school


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